What is Auto Accident Massage?

Auto Accident Massage in Albuquerque

Massage For Auto Accidents

Have you been in a Car Accident?

Massage is Covered by Your Auto Insurance

Auto Accident Massage is Therapeutic Massage designed especially for someone who has just suffered the impact of a car accident.


Did you know that your auto Insurance will pay for your massage treatments after you've been injured in a car accident? That's right, so please tell everyone you know, so they can take care of themselves if they are ever injured in a car accident. Many people are unaware of this benefit from their auto insurance. Why is Massage Therapy covered? Because massage takes the pain away, is cost effective, medication free and because Massage is the most requested treatment by auto insurance customers!

At Athletic Touch Therapeutic Massage in Albuquerque, I have worked on thousands of car accident injury victims who are happy and pain-free. I am here to support you! Since I have dealt with many lawyers, auto insurance companies, doctors and chiropractors, I hopefully can answer most of your questions of who to call, what to do if the insurance company says they won't pay anything, if you are told that you "really didn't get hurt" but you are in pain anyway. Don't give up! There are people who can help you.

In order to get started in Athletic Touch Therapeutic Massage, or any massage office in the country, you will need to collect a few things:


    A Claim Number
    A Doctor's Prescription for Massage
    An ICD-9 Code

(this is a number a doctor or chiropractor will give you that indicates what part of your body is sore)

Whiplash is very common after a car accident, and it "sneaks up on you". Many people feel like they are "just fine" after a car accident, only to feel odd pains creeping up the next day and weeks later. Most whiplash symptoms show up slowly but steadily, and they can be very painful, cause insomnia, lack of appetite, fatigue and other symptoms. The painful symptoms we have successfully treated people for include back pain, neck pain, jaw pain, headaches, shoulder pain from the life-saving seatbelt and hip pain. Sometimes we have treated bruised legs from hitting the steering wheel and the face after hitting the window or windshield.

The best time to come in is right away, or as soon as you can. I will create a plan for you to recover and feel better. The first session after a car accident, if it is within 48 hours of the accident will be very light and relaxing. You will probably need to come in 2 times per week for 4 weeks, once a week for 4 weeks, then once every 10 days for 4 sessions, and so on until you can leave our office and be pain-free for 3 weeks at a time.

Make an appointment with me, Ruth Cummings when you call.  If I can't get you scheduled for a massage, I will be able to suggest some other massage therapists who can get you scheduled soon. I have worked with these massage therapists for many years at Athletic Touch Therapeutic Massage, and they are very experienced with car accident injuries, especially whiplash, and they can have you feeling better quickly.

Call 505-332-9292 today for gentle massage that will help you recover from your whiplash pain, or make an appointment online!


Massage in Albuquerque
Massage in Albuquerque
Massage in Albuquerque

Benefits of Massage

  • Improves local circulation
  • Decreases blood pressure
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Relieves insomnia
  • Promotes positive mood
  • Relieves anxiety and depression
  • Maintains flexibility
  • Reduces pain
  • Assists in eliminating wastes
  • Maintains healthy skin
  • Improves nutrient supply to body
  • Relieves stiff joints

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