Family Vacation Planning for Christmas

We are brainstorming about where, which days & what to do for our Christmas Vacation.

As the kids get older, we can't take them out of school as easily as when they were younger. So, as many other families have to do...we go during Christmas Break. We could stay home and really relax from all the after school run-around. But, I like to get out of town because when I stay home, I continue to take massage appointments, clean & organize the house, etc. It's never really "relaxing" for me. That's more for the summer vacation: PJ's for weeks at a time!!

What is our budget? Do we want to stay home for the Christmas Day, leave the day after?

Where should we go? There are so many great options:

  • To see family?

  • To relax and sleep for days?

  • A warm beach?

  • A White Christmas?

  • Golf?

  • History?

  • Disney?

  • Music?

The way I see it, there are only so many vacation opportunities before the kids are on their own. Out of the 2 vacations per year, I only have 12 left with my daughter (or so). There are the big places to see: New York City, Boston, Alaska, Washington D.C., Yosemite, The Redwoods, etc, etc.

I could name at least 50 places. So, how do we choose 12?

Any ideas out there?

Is there a bucket list for Family Vacations?

American History is fun to see in places like Pennsylvania, Boston & Virginia. But so would the National Forests, or the great rivers, the Great Lakes, etc, etc.

As a kid, we only traveled to where our extended family lived. We had the opportunity to see things IN BETWEEN us and family while driving. And the driving was awful. Remember the no-air conditioning, no radio signal, no car-seats type travel with a gas station every now and then?

Now there are so many fancy travel helpers like DVDs, iPods, travel games, stores every 30 miles or less, etc. It's much easier to go places in a car. Many hotels have a pool. Even small pools make it great for the kids to unwind and burn off some energy. Then we go to the room and order a movie in the room!! So easy!

This year, we are going for a "dual-purpose vacation" involving family, Disneyland, ocean & history!

We will drive to save money, but that takes 2 days out of our vacation, which sometimes is worth the price of the plane tickets.

Instead, we added 2 days to our time, which was a huge relief. That is one of the advantages of owning our own businesses: we can leave when we want. In the massage business, the days we miss just means less income for those days.

I usually make an excel spreadsheet of dates, hotel info, prices, activity & prices.

Here is our Itinerary:

Dec 26 Leave early, drive to Palm Springs, see family

Dec 27 Del Mar Beach Motel 2 nights

Dec 28 Day at the Beach, Drive to Anaheim, check in to Park Vue Inn

Dec 29 Disneyland

Dec 30 Disneyland

Dec 31 Disneyland

Jan 1 Hollywood

Jan 2 Hollywood

Jan 3 Drive Home

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